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Getting our bad credit personal loans is as easy as 1-2-3!

What are the three main stages of our applying process?

1. Apply Online for direct lender loans.

PaydayLoanGranted have made our applying process as simple as it possible and now you don’t have to spend hours going back and forth just to submit your application for bad credit personal loans. Fill out our application form and provide us with all personal information which is required at our website.

Moreover, the process of applying for our personal loans for bad credit is also secure and fast!

To apply for our loans you will need:

  1. Government issued ID card,
  2. Proof of employment (pay checks),
  3. Verifiable Social Security Number,
  4. Valid phone number,
  5. An open checking or savings account with a Visa or MasterCard debit / credit card.

2. Loan Approval.

We offer you unsecured personal loans for bad credit. The unsecured loan means that we are not going to ask you for any collateral. Our system of approval requires no credit check because you can be qualified for our bad credit personal loans regardless your imperfect credit history. Your ability to repay the desired amount of money will be our only guarantee of your repayment. The approval process is a matter of 15 minutes so you can get your money as soon as possible. How will you know that you have been approved for our bad credit personal loans? You will get an e-mail with the confirmation or our representative will contact you by phone. That’s why it is very important not to make mistakes while providing us with your contact information.

3. Get Your Cash in Hours, Not Days! It's almost instant!

Getting extra money with our personal loans will take you from 15 minutes to several hours. After getting our approval you will receive your bad credit personal loans within a short period of time. We offer you an opportunity to get the necessary amount of money without going out! We would like to save your time because time is money. You can have the money deposited directly into your banking account now!

Recommendations for bad credit borrowers

PaydayLoanGranted are going to offer our customers bad credit personal loans guaranteed approval after you pass all mentioned stages. There are some points you should pay attention to:

  1. Your application form shouldn’t contain mistakes

    Any mistake can result in some difficulties while processing your application that in its turn will be a reason of delay in getting money.

  2. To have the guaranteed of being approved you should meet all the requirements which are very simple: to be not younger than 18, to have our citizenship, to have some work or permanent source of income with a paper that can prove it, not to be an active member of military or dependent on money from a person who is on military service currently, to have valid banking account, mobile phone number and e-mail, and access to Internet from any device.
  3. We are not interested in your past failure to pay back your loans and we can suggest you not only to apply for our personal loans for people with bad credit but also to improve your credit history! How to do this?

    You will be surprised how easy it is when you cooperate with responsible direct lender. We offer you to return your good reputation as a borrower just by repaying the borrowed amount of money on time. If there are no problems with your current loan then we can inform the agency that deals with bad credit customers and to give a good reference about you as a client which will be put in their base for lenders.

Is there any need to fax your information?

As a rule we don’t ask you for faxing and paperwork with the aim to save your time but there are some rare situations when we have to ask our clients to send us some copy if there are some not clear moments that require deeper consideration.

When do you need to contact PaydayLoanGranted?

We have an individual approach to all our customers despite their credit history. If you have any doubts whether you should apply for our bad credit personal loans, the best way to take the correct decision is to contact us via our live chat or to use the phone number written at our website and to ask our representatives all the questions you want to clarify before applying for your loan.

The other case when you should contact your personal loan lender is the situation of not being able to meet the deadline of repayment. If you feel that you won’t be able to pay back on time according to the date stated in your agreement then you shouldn’t waste time and inform us immediately for not having extra charges and a bad mark on your credit history.

What should be done in case of being unable to repay the loan?

As it has been already said the first thing that should be done is contacting your direct lender. There are many options that can help you to overcome this unpleasant situation and our representative is going to consult you about all possible variants of refinancing or choosing another option that will suit your specific situation.

How can you receive information about our special offers and news?

Subscribe and be the first person who will know what special offers we have for our bad credit borrowers! To be aware of all news concerning bad credit personal loans it is necessary to register at our website and to fill out the required fields with your personal information in order to give us an opportunity to contact you by phone or send you an e-mail with the detailed information about any changes in the company policy or interest rates. Sometimes we can have some special offers for those who apply for the first time or for our permanent customers whom we always appreciate.

What is the difference between secured and unsecured personal loans bad credit?

  1. Unsecured Bad Credit Personal Loans

    It is the type of loans that we provide you with. Here you have the possibility to learn how to differentiate between these two different kinds of loans and to compare advantages and drawbacks for your current situation. Unsecured loans are loans which don’t require any things of value as your collateral which is the guarantee for your lender.

    We need nothing, besides your paychecks as a ground of your current financial ability to repay the loan. With unsecured bad credit personal loans, home ownership is not required.

  2. Secured Bad Credit Personal Loans

    Secured loans are connected to monthly mortgage when you can get a secured bad credit personal loan using your home's equity. This kind of loans can give better guarantee for your lender but it is more risky variant for you as a borrower because you never know what can happen tomorrow and nobody wants to stay homeless failing to repay his personal loan.

We hope that you have complete information about our PaydayLoanGranted bad credit personal loans and choose us as the effective solution to all your problems!